Applying Cruise Ship Job On line

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Applying Cruise Ship Job On Line is the most common way for the newbie cruise ship crew members. Especially when the Hiring Partners is not available in the country or the location is too far away from the home you stay. What are the steps when you are applying cruise ship job..?

These are example procedure steps on RCCL official web :

1. Submitting Your Resume and Cover Letter

Submit your resume and cover letter through the online application (you will be able to send them as attachments) is a must when you are applying cruise ship job. Keeping in mind that your resume is a snapshot representation of your professional qualifications, it’s an excellent opportunity to portray with confidence all that you’ve achieved, to reflect your potential contributions to the company.

2.The Interview Process

If your qualifications fit well with the requirements for a particular opportunity, the cruise company representative  will reach out to you, for a preliminary screening. Depending on the role, there may be two (or more) follow-up interviews with Human Resource and Operational representatives. These conversations are intended as excellent opportunities for the company to learn more about your background, and for you to learn more about the position and the company. Take advantage and, ask as many questions as you’d like. Once the decision is made, they will notify you of your status

  • Be promptly available at your appointment time (or maybe even a couple of minutes early).
  • Be at your professional best. A conservative business suit is always a good choice. Nice tie for the gentlemen; minimal jewelry, for the ladies. Pay attention to the details – we will.
  • Be prepared with a copy of your resume in front of you (and have ready access to an electronic copy you can send quickly – just in case)
  • Speak clearly, and answer concisely the questions asked of you (use examples whenever possible).
  • Be engaged in the conversation; listen carefully, and have a list of relevant questions to ask the interviewer, at the end of the conversation (you might find that most of them will be answered throughout the conversation, but it’s good to have your own list ready, just in case).
  • Most importantly, smile, be positive, and be YOURSELF…

3. Once You are Ready to Be Hired

If you are approved, and decide to embark on this exciting new journey, there will be many details to consider, in preparation for your first assignment. Among them are three important items:

  1. Fit For Duty
    In the interest of health and safety, all At Sea Employees must successfully complete a pre-employment medical examination prior to joining the ship. This is a thorough medical examination, to ensure that the crew member is able to perform the required duties of the position and any safety training and emergency drills.
  2. Background Check
    Clearance of a criminal background check is required for all crew members.
  3. Ready to Travel
    In order to be able to work on board, you will need certain documents. You must, of course, have a passport from your country, and it must be valid for at least one month after the end of your contract (passport validity requirements also depend on the itinerary of the ship). Also, depending on the itinerary, you may need a Seaman’s book, and/or additional visas (i.e. C-1/D visa, travel visas, Schengen visa)

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The Last thing is..don’t forget to pray and always remember your family and your lovely country when you are already on board the ship.


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