Man’s body refrigerated after he died on cruise ship

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The body of a passenger who dies in the middle of a cruise trip is kept in the cruise ship refrigerator until the end of the trip before his family is told to take the body.

Nanyang Siang Pau reported that the 43-year-old male passenger boarded a cruise ship in the port of Keelung, Taiwan on March 31 at around 17:00 to travel for four days and three nights. The man reportedly began to feel unwell after dinner on the same day.

He was unconscious at around 11pm and the paramedics took care of him. However, he was declared dead at 2am.

Based on the statement of one of the passengers reported by The Star on Saturday (04/06/2019), the ship did not return to the port after the man died. According to one passenger, the ship did not return to the port after the man died.

Other passengers also claimed that the man might still be saved if the ship returned to the port or flew him to a hospital with a helicopter ambulance.

The man’s family was reportedly not immediately notified of his death.

His body was stored in a giant cooler throughout the trip without the knowledge of the passengers.

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